Sunday, May 29, 2016

How It Works

This is how you love someone who is mentally ill:

You don't tell her that what she is feeling is wrong.

You don't tell him that he is being irrational.

You ask her to describe how she feels, and if she can tell you what she needs.

You tell him you love him.

You remind her that depression lies.

You ask him if everyone on his care team knows how he is feeling right now. If he says no, you ask if you can alert everyone, because all of those people care about him.

You give her as many hugs as she will tolerate.

You remind him that, when he is ready, there are tons of people who love him who want to see him.

You tell her that she is worthy and amazing, and remind her that you need her here.

You reach out to the people who love him and ask them to reach out to him so they can also tell him that he is valuable and necessary.

You don't walk away from her.

You hold his hand whenever he needs it.

You never give up.

You never give up.

You never give up.

Do not give up on us.

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