Monday, July 11, 2011

Brilliant! (Or, You Know, Not)

I wouldn't be writing this post -- which makes me look a bit like an idiot (and that might be a running theme for this week's posts, you have been warned) -- if I wasn't fairly certain that I'm not alone in what I am about to confess.

So here it is: the biggest obstacle in my life? Is me.

For reals, y'all.

Here's what I mean: There are things in my life that I often look at and think, "Oh, I should change that. That's keeping me from living the most spectacular version of my life. Not that my life is bad, necessarily -- because it's totally not -- but if I changed this easily changable thing, it would be MUCH more spiffy."

And then I don't change it. Instead, I keep doing the same things that I've been doing. And now and again, when the thing -- whatever it is, it doesn't much matter -- crops up again as an impending obstacle, I think AGAIN, "Huh. I should totally do something about that."

I know that change doesn't happen through the magical power of wishing. I mean, wishes are nice, but they're nice the way fairy tales are nice. Lovely, but not practical. Nothing really amazing ever happened simply through wishing.

Amazing things happen as a result of rolling up your sleeves and getting your butt in gear.

Change is always possible. However, it requires some WORK.

If I'm not going to do the work to change the things in my life that I want to change then, honestly, don't I need to hush about it? Isn't it unbelievably stupid to want my life to be a certain way if I'm never going to rearrange events and occurances in a manner that would make that vision possible?

I'm going to go with yes, it is pretty fricking stupid.   As feeling stupid makes me sad, I am going to knock it off. Either I change what I want to change, or I learn to live with what is and shut up about it. To do otherwise is -- well, it's just ridiculous.

And ridiculous is not equal to fabulous.

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