Thursday, July 28, 2011

On The Road. Again.

Or at the very least, I'm about to be. I'm leaving next week for NC to see my youngest cousin get married (how is this possible? Wasn't he just born, like, yesterday? Egad!) and I'm trying to get my act together so that the stress levels can be as low as possible.

Please note that I said "trying".

My act is currently allllll apart.

I mean, I did sort of pack. I'm packed-ish. I know that some of you are thinking: Seriously? You're leaving next Wednesday and you're already packed and you're complaining that you're not prepared? Do you know that they make medication for that? To which I can only reply: Yes, sort of, and yes, I am aware of that, thanks.

I have to pack early because of the laundry situation. Is there anything worse than trying to pack, realizing that you need to wash some of the items you need to pack, and finding that you don't have the time to do it? Talk about throwing everything into a complete kerfluffle. (And there's nothing I hate like a kerfluffle, unless it's a snafu.) So I pack early. I have packed. I'm just ... I'm not sure I have actual outfits in there (if you're a man, your brain probably disengaged. That's cool. Skip down to the part where I start talking about gadgets, and you'll be fine.) Just random shirts and skirts. And some stuff to wear when I play golf (please, Lord, let there be golf). And -- oh yeah a dress for the wedding --but ... I'm probably going to need shoes, right? Something tells me shoes will be important. And maybe some kind of purse action. (And as I write this I'm thinking, Dammit, I'm also going to need socks to wear when I play golf and oh crap, I need to take everything out of the suitcase and figure out what I even put in there because seriously? This won't do at all -- but I can't do it tonight because my housesitter friend is coming over and I'm pretty sure that he already thinks I'm mildly psychotic and if he comes in and my clothes are all over the place and I'm sitting in the middle of the floor making lists he's REALLY going to wish he reconsidered agreeing to Beansie sit -- except I think that he reads my blog and now he'll have a mental picture of that scene and oh hell with it, I need to stop now. BREATHING. Okay.)

So yeah, also? Housesitter. Coming today to get keys. I've never actually had a housesitter before and it mildly weirds me out. Do I need to make lists? (Like, where stuff lives?) What's the protocol for basically hiring a temporary nanny for a differently abled cat? Anyone? (I actually think he's got this down. I think the only person who's crazily obsessing is me. Big surprise.)

I also need to figure out what gadgets are coming with me. Do I want to bring my netbook? I definitely want to bring my kindle. And my ipod. And my phone. (Yet another reason to wish I had an iphone ... it would eliminate the need for the last three gadgets, because it would essentially be all of them. Oh iphone, how I long for you ...). And then I need to find the chargers for all of those things, which could be a challenge because -- well, because chargers  like to escape and hide, don't they? (Oh, and headphones. Do I bring my awesome but bulky headphones which are super comfy, or do I suck it up on a short flight and use my earbuds, which I sort of hate but which take up no space?)

I love to travel. I really do. It's going to be a great trip. If, you know, I survive the planning bit.

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