Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Randoms (and a giveaway winner!)

1. There are some people who I adore unconditionally. My friend Dan is one of them. And it's his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dan!

2. I am going to have a visitor from out of town next week. Am I the only person who is thrown into a complete cleaning frenzy by the concept of "having company"? I have been catching myself thinking: If I stand on the countertops, I bet I could dust the tops of at least MOST of the cupboards. Even though no one can see them. Even though standing on the countertops would be ridiculous and sketchy and potentially dangerous to my falling-down-prone self. Must ... clean... house. Also, must...stop... the... madness...

3. Can we talk about Harry Potter for a moment? I know that with the advent of the final film, people are beginning the stages of grief process. I'm actually okay with it, because for me? The movies were not the thing. They're okay. But I love the books, and I went through my grief-stricken "I can't believe it's over" phase after the last book came out. But of course, the beauty of books is that they're NEVER over. The story lives as long as you can crack the book open. I reread the series every summer. (In fact, I should begin the Annual Potter-Thon next week. There may be posts regarding the Potter-Thon... I'm just saying)

4. Speaking of books -- the drawback to a Kindle is that it's not bathtub friendly. I like to read in the tub. The Kindle does not like being in the tub, I don't imagine. Since I am a person who has also DROPPED a book ... or two ... in the tub, then bathtime = no kindle. However, since this is my new favorite way to purchase books ... it's a quandry. (They should make a waterproof Kindle. I'm just saying.)

5. My favorite part of the summer? Going to the beach. A morning spent at the beach is better than a week long vacation, I think. This weekend? Two perfect beach days loom before me. I'll be there with my sunscreen, a booze free mojito, my best pal Flinkie, and the Kindle. (Or Harry Potter, if I'm okay with getting the books sand crusted). Life does NOT get any better than that. I hope your weekend is equally wonderful.

AND THE WINNER IS: The winner of the first annual Blogaversary Giveaway is: Kristie! Kristie can expect a fabulous something to arrive at her house in the next few weeks! Yay! However, I would like to say -- again -- thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my scribbles. You have no idea how much I heart you for it.

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