Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hug In a Mug

The other day, in an ADD fit of thought, I decided that I should open a coffee shop called Hug in a Mug. Because that's what coffee and tea ARE. Obviously.

And then I decided that I should also sell sandwiches because there's not much that's better than a well crafted, delicious sandwiches on yummy yummy bread. And yes, my imaginary eatery would offer a no crust option for those of you who don't love crust. Plus plus also and, we would also offer them cut diagonally, if that's what you wanted. Because the name is HUG IN A MUG. We're all about the comfort.

My friend Anne suggested that we also sell soup. Which, frankly, I hadn't thought of but totally should have. What's better than soup? Nothing. Also, you don't deserve the name Hug in a Mug if you don't offer the most glorious meal in the world, which is clearly grilled cheese and tomato soup. (Just typing those words makes me drool a teeny tiny bit. Or a lot. Whatever. I'm hungry. Don't judge me.) Oh, and homemade mac and cheese. (I clearly don't have to explain why this is an excellent menu offering.)

I also thought that sometimes people want things that are sweet and delicious, so we would offer mug desserts. You know, like you see on Pinterest. Brownie in a mug! Pie in a mug! ... Something else yummy in a mug! Mug desserts.

Since I have friends who make super cool stuff, I thought maybe we could offer a selection of their wares, but especially mugs and other things that confer the idea of cozy happiness. Like blankets. And, um ... scarves? And we should have a fireplace and cozy comfy chairs for the fall and winter.

There might also be a cat or two, to hang out with while you sit by the fire. I mean, that should be a thing.

Maybe this is what I want to do when I grow up.

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