Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why Women Get Raped

Dear Everyone in the World,

Women don't get raped because of what they're wearing.

Women don't get raped because of how much they had to drink.

Women don't get raped because they're in the wrong neighborhood.

Women get raped because some asshole decides to rape them. That's why women get raped. The number one cause of rape? IS RAPISTS.

Not women.


Men who rape. Men who don't care about consent, or autonomy, or personal safety. Men who may be a stranger but who may also be an acquaintance. Men who feel as though it's entirely within their right to force a woman to engage in unwanted sexual activity.

That's why women get raped.

When we act like the woman is at fault, like she did something to deserve it? We tell the rapist that his behavior is acceptable.

When we act like the act of raping a woman has ruined a man's life? We tell the woman that he raped that she doesn't matter.

When we give a rapist a light sentence because we think he probably won't rape more people, we tell women that rape doesn't matter.

This is why women get raped.

Because some men are rapists. And our court system and society continues to be okay with it.

It's not okay.

It will never be okay.


A Woman Who Is Sick of This Nonsense

PS I am fully aware that men also are raped, and that not all rapists are men. However, I'm fired up right now and am only prepared to address this particular issue. 

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