Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Shield From The Wind

This is what happens when you're driving a hatchback that has no rear windshield:

1) other drivers are all about the double take. As in, it takes them a minute to figure out what, exactly, is wrong with your car.

2) after they realize "hey, that car's missing a windshield!" they try to get a glimpse of you, the person who is driving said damaged car, possibly to try to alert you: "um, Excuse me, but are you aware that you're missing a rear windshield?"

3) if you're me, this is what they see: woman in tweed coat and glamazon sunglasses, singing along with the radio with abandon, like a rock star, like someone who DOESN'T EVEN NEED a rear windshield because she is fully wrapped up in fabulous.

4)And at that point? Other motorists start giving you a wide berth. Because there is something significantly wrong with someone who confidently drives down the highway with no rear windshield...

... or IS there?


As you've probably guessed from the above, I recently experienced a vehicular mishap. Or, more precisely, I parked my car in the same place I always park it -- RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE -- and some jackalopes decided to smash the rear windshield and break into it. Which, of course, makes one ask:

1) Who looks at a VW Rabbit and thinks: I bet the pickings are good in THERE!

2) Who breaks into a car that's parked in a well lit area? Directly in front of a window?

3) Who breaks into a hatch and not the driver's side window? What did they think they were going to get? My snow shovel and windshield washer fluid?

Anyway. They were busted, and according to Officer Friendly who came to my door and ruined my day as kindly as possible, "They're in ALL kinds of bad trouble." So, yay to the local PD.

And yay to my insurance company, who is awesome.

And yay to the fine people at the glass company who fixed my car (in the nick of time, too, because it's totally snowing today).

And also? Yay to me. For rocking the driving with no rear windshield like it was something I do ALL of the time. Nonchalance for the win!

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