Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Thursday Nattering

1.       Snow. Oh, snow. So lovely.  I’m so glad I don’t have to drive in it. (Though I am thinking of tramping down to the river to take some pictures while it’s still snowing.  And also? I’d  like to make a snowman, I think.)

2.       I have an issue with my eyebrows. You might be thinking “Wow, that’s … really stupid” which is a perfectly understandable reaction, until I tell you that my issue is this: My eyebrows? NOT LEVEL.  This means that when I have my glasses on? They always look crooked. (It also means that when I was a little girl and my nana was cutting my bangs, they always ended up REALLY short because she couldn’t figure out how to measure if they were even… sigh.)  In case you are interested, here’s what you can do to fix un-level eyebrows:

That’s right. NOTHING. You can try to minimize the impact they have by, say, switching to contact lenses (it’s less apparent without glasses on) and by growing out asymmetrical, sideswept bangs (working on it) or by getting a huge tattoo of a bug on your face so that no one ever looks at your eyes. (Okay, I’m not going to do that. But it’s a thought.) Or, you know, you could accept your own, flawed, quirky beauty and try not to fixate. (Clearly, I am not there yet.)

3.       The heat in my bedroom cannot be turned on. It’s a long, kind of stupid story, but I have electric heat in my apartment and, due to register placement and where the furniture needs to live, I can’t turn the heat on in there. Which means that in the winter? At bedtime? It’s a bit chilly. As in, here is what I currently have on my bed:

Flannel shets

A quilt

A down comforter

A bedspread

A fluffy throw

Here’s what I’ve been wearing to bed: socks, flannel pants, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, and a flannel shirt.


And then the down comforter begins its super insulating powers, and I become like a hiker, shedding layers.  By the time the alarm goes off, I’m down to the tank top and the flannel pants.  If anyone has any suggestions for a better system, one that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve gone from the arctic tundra to the everglades in about 3 hours, please feel free to share, because this is ridiculous.

I’ve been working out faithfully, and I’ve discovered something new about myself: I would rather poke myself in the eye again and again and again then do squats or lunges. Holy hell.

 And yeah, that’s about what’s going on in my head right now. Hope your day  is a little more coherent, less superficial,  warm, and squat and lunge free!

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  1. I think it is time for an electric blanket....we are going this weekend. To the Christmas Tree Shop we go.