Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Randoms

For your Friday reading enjoyment -- a random number of random thoughts.

1. When you buy something -- like, say, a printer -- shouldn't it come with all of the things you need to make it work? There's nothing I hate like being halfway through an installation and having the directions say "Now plug in Cable A (not included)" ... AARRGGGGHHHHHHHH.

2. I cannot sleep in a bed that hasn't been made. Am I the only one who suffers from this cruel affliction? If I'm running super late and don't have time to make the bed, I have to change the sheets and remake the whole thing before I can sleep in it. I know, it's bizarre.

3.Current obsession: Watches. Specifically, Casio G-Shock watches. Why? I have no idea, except that they look a little badass. Even the hot pink ones.

4. This time of year always makes me feel like I should be getting ready to go back to school. I suppose this makes sense, given that I prepped for back-to-school for about 26 years of my life. (I may have to buy some supplies just because ... and I LOVE having new pencils and notebooks!)

5. I was on Facebook this morning and saw a comment that someone had posted to a friend's wall: "It is after having kids that life really begins." Hey, commentor -- from one of the many of us who will never have children (either by choice or due to fertility issues): SCREW YOU.

(whew, glad I got that out of my system)

6. You know what I love? This:

(I tried to embed the video three times. I failed. Sniffle. Sob)

7. You know what else I love? My new iPhone. It's like the swiss army knife of phones. It's like a palmful of awesome. It's heaven, but in the form of a phone. I'm sorry, Blackberry, but I have given my technological heart to another. Oh Apple, why did I ever doubt you? (Oh wait, it was because you were hooked up with AT&T. That's right.)

8. I think the purple hair is confusing people. It's not outrageously purple. Just a little purple, here and there. If it's possible to have subtle purple hair, then that's what I have. I think it's making people puzzled. "Does that woman have ... purple hair?" "Dang it Martha, I can't really tell! I've been trying to figure it myself!" Fun.

9. Did I forget to mention that I dyed my hair purple? Right. I did.

Hope everyone has a phenomenal weekend.

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