Monday, August 1, 2011

In Appreciation

I think we ALL know the guy who wants every single thing that he does to be remarked upon or appreciated, and the minute you don't do that, he gets a little cranktastic.

Ever notice that he doesn't ever appreciate anything anyone else does? What's that about?

"Worship me, for all I do is AWESOME!"

"Hey, I just did something awesome ..."

"Ah, no one cares about you. Tell me how much you appreciate MY AWESOME. Wait, you haven't even MENTIONED my AWESOME. I must now berate you in a highly demoralizing fashion."

NOT festive.

I hope that I remember always to tell people when I think they're fabulous, or when they're doing something fabulous. I hope I remember to tell people how much I appreciate them. However, I think that I don't. I'd like to be better at that.

I think we all want to be appreciated.

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