Monday, September 10, 2012

Home Is Where ... My Butt is Staying

This is going to be the year of no travel.

This is disappointing for oh so many reasons. It’s disappointing because I thought I was going to see my sister’s family in May and it’s so not happening. It’s disappointing because my folks live in North Carolina and I won’t make it down there. It’s disappointing because my best friend and I wanted to plan a Vegas weekend (Oh Vegas. Will I never be in you?) and it’s also not happening.

Rawr. (Which in this case, is NOT dinosaur for “I love you” but rather is dinosaur for “I’m SO SAD RIGHT NOW!”)

My year of travellessocity is not a result of being banned by the Homeland Security or anything. In fact, airlines LOVE me. I obey all of the rules! I volunteer or even pay extra for the emergency seats because I’m good in a calamity! I don’t pretend full size luggage is a carry on! I’m quiet! I don’t get drunk! I don’t kick the seat in front of me and I’m very tolerant of screaming babies!

No, my year of the staycation is a direct result of lack of funds.

Well, kind of.

My year of no travel is my gift to myself. Oh sure, it’s a CRAPPY gift. But we all know that travel is expensive.  Between airfare and getting to the airport and then the actual travel bit itself and taking care of Beansie etc? It’s a pricey proposition.

The year of no travel means – the money stays in my bank account.

And then is used to repair my frail finances.

You might be thinking “Wow. You’re putting MONEY ahead of your FAMILY. You … suck at life.”

Which, okay, I can understand why you might feel that way.

But I also know that my family worries about me, up here in New Hampshire on my ownsome, and I want to get myself into a position where they don’t HAVE to. That’s the point. That’s the plan.

Plus, it’s not like I WANT to go a year without seeing people or having fun. That’s not my GOAL. (That would be a really sad goal. “This year, I’d like to have as little fun as possible. AWESOME! WHEEEEE!”)

My goal is to take care of myself. It turns out that sometimes, taking care of yourself means doing things that you don’t want to do… but doing it anyway, because it’s important.

A whole year. At home. With Beansie Boo and my photos of trips gone by.

Who wants to hang out during my staycations? You’ll know where to find me!

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