Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And Then I Got Mad (sorta)

I am a very loyal friend. If I am your friend, I will always be your friend. Forever. Even if we haven't spoken in years. So if you're all "Dang, who's going to help me dispose of this incriminating evidence," and you call me at 2 AM, I'll probably roll out of bed, drive over, and debate the merits of a really big hole in the yard or creative use of an abandoned well. I'm that girl. (and also? That was less creepy in my head than it was on the screen. Sorry, I've been writing horror fiction lately...)

What this means is that I may, sometimes, get riled up when people are unkind to my friends.

And I ALSO get riled up when they are unkind to themselves.

So here are some of the things I've been trying to tell some people in my life lately:

* YOU ARE AWESOME. I adore you. So will you please cut yourself some freaking slack? Because if anyone else spoke about you the way you speak about yourself, I would have to have words with them ... it makes me so sad that you do this to yourself. (Seriously, I love you. So please, give yourself a break.)

* If you keep telling me that someone in your life is a jerk and treats you poorly, I'm going to be inclined NOT to like him or her. It's not going to make me happy when someone doesn't value you. It's going to make you unhappy when I don't like the person you like (although why you like someone who's awful to you? I don't know. YOU DON'T NEED THAT.)

* You're beautiful. You're also smart, funny, quirky, and wacky. You are worth more than your pretty face.

* That person that you are pining after? Doesn't care about you. And someone who doesn't care about you? Is an idiot.

* Please take care of yourself. If you need help with that? I will help you as much as I am able, but you deserve to feel well and to enjoy your life. I want you to believe that.

* You? Are not a failure. You're just gearing up to succeed at something entirely different than what you originally aimed for. Anyone who disparages your efforts as being useless or stupid is an asshole.

* You are smart enough/ funny enough/ amazing enough/ talented enough/ whatever enough to accomplish whatever you want. The only thing you don't have enough of is self-belief. I believe in you! You need to as well!

* Yes, you deserve to be happy. No, that person who is professing love for you isn't too good for you. You actually are that awesome. Enjoy it.

Whew, I feel better. Love you all -- MWAH.

(Now if you'll excuse me, I have a demon who's about to do something diabolical and needs my assistance ... heh heh heh ...)

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