Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Randoms


I frequently find myself singing along with a song and thinking "Man, I love this song." And then I listen to the lyrics and think "What the hell am I singing right now?"

Case in point:

(and of course you can listen here. )

I love this song. It makes me happy whenever I hear it.

But SERIOUSLY. "Alligator lizards in the air"?


I got an email from a subcontractor this week. I get many emails from subcontractors. Generally, they'll have a signature line that includes contact information, or the name of their company. This one, however, said simply:


I have to say, this startled me a bit. Because a) I did not realize I was hiring any minor deities and b) I didn't know that astral beings would communicate via email.

THEN I thought, well, she's probably not ACTUALLY a goddess. She's probably just, you know, given herself that title. I guess that's a thing you can do.

So henceforth, please feel free to refer to me as Her Majesty Yellie, Queen of all Things Trivial and Weird. (You can shorten it to "Your Grace" if you like. I'm not picky.)


"I'm sorry to report that there was ... an incident ... with one of the Transformers."

"What happened?"

"He was decapitated in an unexpected battle situation."

"Beansie bit his head off?"

"She didn't bite it per say? But he was not expecting fifteen pounds of floofy kitty to be on his noodle, poor fella."

"The other Transformers better stay on their toes."

"They do seem to be a little nervous, now that you mention it."


Filed under "Things I Could Do Without": I was watching an NCIS rerun, and an entire scene took place with my beloved Gibbs in the loo, having a conversation with another character who's name I can't recall because I realized the following:

I don't ever EVER need to see Mark Harmon at a urinal. EVER. NEVER EVER NEVER.


"That's actually the best thing about fiction."

"What, that you can create these little people and jack up their lives?"

"Um, YEAH. Outside of the book, I can only ruin my OWN life. Inside it? I'm like Godzilla rampaging over an unsuspecting urban setting."

"Sometimes I find you mildly disturbing. You know that, right?"

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