Monday, January 28, 2013

Make A Difference Monday -- Milk and Bookies

I am at an age where all of a sudden (it seems) almost everyone has children.

Well, you know, not ME. But everyone else.

As a former English teacher (I've mentioned that, right? RIGHT) you know that I love to read. LOVE IT. It used to make me incredibly sad when I had students in my classroom who did NOT love to read, but regarded doing so as a torment akin to being waterboarded. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I had students who would much rather have been waterboarded.

So sad.

One of the ways to make sure that little 'uns don't regard books as agents of torment and soul stealing? Get books in their chubby little hands when they're little. Read to them. Help them to find as much pleasure in the written word as they do colouring on the walls (or, you know, more. To spare your walls.)

There is a great organization that wants to do just that -- get books to children. Milk and Bookies actually does TWO things. One? It gets books to kids who might not otherwise have access to books. Two? It enourages children to participate and promotes service.

It's kind of awesome, y'all.

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