Monday, April 15, 2013


"So when you're not working at home, you're probably not going to keep your house this clean."

I can't tell you how many times I've heard that statement, or something very similar to it. It makes me laugh a little, because it implies that there is a level of choice with the neatness and cleanliness in the house.

There really isn't.

Clutter and messiness in my own space makes me anxious. That's it. I worked out a schedule to deal with it because I like schedules, and I like not feeling overwhelmed and anxious. One or the other is fine, thanks. But both? Not okay.

So yes, my house remains very neatly kept. I actually think it's cleaner than it was when I worked here, because I'm not here as often to make any messes. This is very convenient. Other things that I don't have to do as often:

*buy coffee because I'm not drinking as much (here, anyway)

*do the dishes

*get more kleenex (it's allergy season. There's a box in every room, but I'm not going through them as quickly)

*empty the trash. Well, that's not true. I still empty it every day, but now it's not as full when I empty it, which I kind of like.

*replace printer ink or office supplies.

(Speaking of the above, I cannot get used to the fact that I don't have to buy my own office supplies for my new job. THEY HAVE THEM. I get to use them. If I want something, they'll bring it to me. WHAT IS THIS PARADISE? Ooooh, and I have a comfy chair! With wheels! And isn't it sad how amazing this all seems to me?)

So, yeah.

But anyone on the anxiety spectrum -- OCD or whatever you want to call it -- will tell you (and probably with a sigh) that the things that trigger them are not things they choose. I don't get to pick the "things left in the sink make me twitchy" aspect of my personality. That's not how it works.

The house? Is still clean. It has to be because whether I work here or not, I do still live here, and it needs to be neat and clean for me to continue to think of it as my fortress of solitude.

What are your quirks?

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