Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grace In Small Things

Bean and I spent the night at the emergency vet and got home at 1 AM. This was, as you can probably imagine, not festive.

But it was an exercise in kindness. From the man with the injured greyhound (who was named Oreo, so in my head, this gentleman's name is Oreo's Dad) who took the time to speak with me when I was incredibly upset, to the vet's assistant who checked in with me while we waited for a treatment room to open up and took the time to talk to Bean and comment on what a nice, pretty cat she is, to the vet who was calm and reassuring when I needed calm and reassurance.

And of course, there's Flinkie, who, after receiving my text about where I was going, called to see if I was okay and then just showed up at the vet, like there was nothing else she'd be doing on a Wednesday night.

As for Miss Bean, well, xrays were taken and tests are being run in a lab somewhere. So we'll see. But right now, she's curled up on the daybed and she's taking a nap, so that's enough for me. That, and gratitude for the kindness of strangers and good friends.

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