Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Boston

There are not very many places where I feel entirely comfortable in my skin. However, Boston has always been one of them. When I was applying to colleges, I only applied to schools in Boston. When I am wanting to get away for the day, I go to Boston. When I was homesick in North Carolina, I booked a flight and a hotel and flew there and spent the week just kind of bumming around with my camera.  

I am at peace there.

Yesterday afternoon, someone did something unspeakable in my city. My mom called from North Carolina and made me promise not to go there alone for the next little while. She cried, and I promised.


I refuse to let a coward who would hurt innocent people take my city away from me. I refuse to back down or give up. I refuse to let fear ruin or run my life. I don't believe that people who commit acts of terror really care that much about how many lives they take, but I believe they are deeply invested in the number of lives they change, and how many people they can force to live in fear. 

I will not think of yesterday's events the way the individuals who planted those bombs want me to. Instead, I will remember the people who ran into the fray, towards the explosions, to help. I will think of the people who came out of their homes to help the runners who needed aid. 

I will hold on to the beauty of humanity instead of the ugliness. 

I made this slide show in 2009; the song behind it -- one of my favorites -- will remain true for me. Boston will always be my safe place, the place where I feel welcome, the place where I need to be when I want to feel most myself.  No matter what anyone does.

For Boston: I pray for love. I pray for healing. I pray for strength. I pray for peace. And yes, I pray for safety.

music by Marc Cohn. Photos by me.

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