Friday, April 5, 2013

Like A Boss (Part 5)

on being the boss

Here's the thing:

I've been writing about terrible bosses, and everything that a boss shouldn't do; while I've been doing that, I've also been thinking about my own performance as a boss.

I would like to think that I've never made anyone uncomfortable, or been inappropriate. I'd like to think that the people I've worked with have known that I do, really, care about them. I'd like to think that I haven't been a total asshat as a boss.

I'm sure I've had asshatty moments, though. I know I can get impatient, and that I can be sarcastic. I know that there have been moments where I have been snappy. I am hoping that those moments were few and far between, but I expect they might not have been.

No one is perfect.

But I would like to take another, final moment to say to the team I worked with FOREVER: You guys. You guys are the best, and you're the reason I did this even as long as I did, and while I'm not sorry to be going? I'm sorry to be leaving this team. No one works harder or pulls off more miracles than you. I just love you guys. Amy, Emily, Tess, Bronwyn, Peggy, NiTara, Desiree, Sarah, Charlene, Curtis, Hayley, Blair, Desiree, and Dana: you've all been amazing every damn day. Thank you for being the best team anyone could ever have asked for.

It was easy to be in charge of such amazing people, and if my next team is even half as wonderful as you? I'll be in very good shape.

So, thanks for letting me be your boss for a while.

And don't put up with any crap.

Thus Endeth The Lesson

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