Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Randoms


"She calls me boss. Like, 'On it, Boss,' like I'm Gibbs. It will make me sad when I don't have that anymore."

"You'll always be their Gibbs, I think."

"Without the headslaps."

"Well, you can't exactly reach through the computer."


"You know how I told you I hate to exercise and that I'd never look forward to it, ever, because I hate it?"


"I found something I liked."

"Like, a real activity?"

"No, the imaginary kind. Asshole."


"It's fun because I'm WACKY."

"Yeah. I've been trying to ignore the wackiness for years. But you finally wore me down."

"Yay! ... Hey, wait, that's not nice."

"Just think of it this way: you've made annoying endearing."

"... and I'm okay with it when you put it that way."


"I don't WANT to do that."

"Dude, you're 8. The problem with being 8? You don't get choices. That's why it's fun to be a grown up."

"When do I get to be a grown up?"

"Not today, my friend. Sorry. Now go do the thing you don't want to do."


"So then I asked her what she did to her arm, and she was all 'I got a tattoo! Don't tell my husband!"

"Oh boy. He's gonna find out."

"Not from me!"

"How do you explain that? 'I walked into a tattoo needle?' That's crazy."

"Sometimes a girl just needs a tattoo."

"... or, you know, a BUNCH of them."

"That might just be you."

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