Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday? Friday? Who Even Knows?

So I was sitting here trying to remember what it was that I had totally forgotten to do this morning and then I thought, “Oh, yeah, I need to post to my blog” and THEN I realized that in addition to forgetting to post, I had ALSO forgotten to write today’s post (which I usually do the day before but apparently, since I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Thursday when it was really only Wednesday the part of my brain that remembers to write a blog post was non functioning). Which is making me feel panicky and crazed because, even though this blogging thing is not a PAID gig or anything (I only wish I knew how to make that work … anyone?) and no one’s going to show up on my doorstep with a pitchfork to wave threateningly at me if I don’t post, I’ve sort of committed to posting on a daily basis. Except not the weekend because on the weekend I try not to be on the computer so much, you know? It’s sort of like a computer break, the weekend, but for the fact that I have a smartphone and can essentially be online everywhere. EVERYWHERE. So I guess the weekend isn’t really a computer break as much as an “I don’t want to sit in my office on a Saturday” break, which is fine, but which doesn’t QUITE solve the problem of forgetting to write a post yesterday. And let’s face it too, yesterday’s post kind of sucked, because it’s been a shitty week and I’m tired and out of gas. Like, literally, at lunch I need to go to the gas station because the car, it is hungry, but also metaphorically or whatever.  Fried, empty, tired,  in need of a long nap. My friends have suggested meditation. And medication. Or a delicious blend of both but really, who has the time for either of those things? So basically, blog friends, this should really serve as an apology for kind of but not really forgetting about you for a day and neglecting you horribly. Well, maybe “horribly” is an exaggeration. Maybe “not really neglecting you but having a moment in which my paying job was sort of a priority, what with needing to pay the bills and stuff” – you understand that right? Because you’re not selfish, and you don’t want Beansie and I to be homeless, or to turn out like the wayward chicks in that Pat Benatar video – the one where she runs away from home and then is dressed in sassy rags at a bar and has to shimmy dance at someone who I’m pretty sure is a pimp with a gold tooth, but who finds the shimmy dance TOTALLY SCARY and then flees, leaving the other homeless hookers and Pat to be free and to go home? No one wants that. Especially since Beansie isn’t such a great dancer, you know what I’m saying?  So anyway, sorry about the posting kerfluffle and I’ll try to be better about remembering stuff like what day it is and needing to post. (Is it Friday yet? For reals, yo.)

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