Friday, March 30, 2012

Just Grit Your Teeth and Smile

I’m all angst-y and stuff right now, because I. Am. FRUSTRATED.  Here’s the problem: ever have a person – or people – in your life who think that they TOTALLY know how something works, but – oh hey! – they don’t? Not even a little? But they’re in some kind of position that demands respect, so you can’t just smack them on the back of the head* and then say, pointedly, “I need you to LISTEN to me right now, because I can do this in my sleep. I KNOW HOW THIS WORKS.” In fact, due to your respective positions in life, you really can’t say anything at all, so you grit your teeth and try to smile and then do whatever you were told to do, even though you know – YOU KNOW! – that it’s not correct?

Did I mention that’s it’s frustrating?

The part of my brain that tries to be enlightened thinks “Well, perhaps the universe is trying to teach you patience,” but I have to tell you – that’s not my favorite part of my brain, because it annoys me.** I mean, enlightenment is probably great, but I don’t see how doing something wrong ON PURPOSE, because someone told you to, is really a lesson in anything productive. Because, eventually, someone with MORE perspective and authority is going to realize and point out “Hey, that’s not the right way to do that,” and at that point, I’m just going to have to say, “You are correct” and try really hard not to push anyone under the bus, even though my “pushing someone under the bus” fingers are itching to do it.


Is there a nice way to tell someone that he is incorrect? That she is walking down the wrong path? I’m thinking … not really.  Any way I try to articulate it sounds TERRIBLE and, also, kind of snarky and know-it-all-y. While I recognize my character flaws of being bossy and stubborn are very real, I also know that when it comes to this particular thing, I am something of an expert – having my experience discounted because I’m younger or whatever is a bit bothersome,*** and finding myself without the ability to say “These assumptions are incorrect” and be heard is driving me crazy.****

Ah well. We’re heading into the weekend and I hope that you, Dear Reader, are doing so without angst or frustration, and that your days are happy and filled with laughter.

*Not that smacking anyone in the head is ever really appropriate. Unless you’re Gibbs.

**What? You don’t prefer one part of your brain over the other?!

***Hello, understatement

**** Or, you know, crazier than I already was, which was … crazy.

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