Monday, July 13, 2015


When I have the kind of bout of epic bleeecccch that I experienced last week, I try to remember to count my blessings. Counting your blessings is one of those activities that is easy when things are going well and, ahem, difficult when you feel like you're barely treading water in a pool full of sewage.

But as I've begun to climb out of said pool, it occurs to me that I have many blessings to count, and I thought I should take the time to do it and to document it so that when I get pushed back into the muck (and it will happen, it happens to all of us) I can be reminded of all of the good things that walk hand in hand with the bad ones.

  • I have the best Fella, who watched me snork and weep and handed me tissues and gave me hugs and who never, ever made me feel like my problems were not that important. He checked on me, supported me, listened to me, and let me know that I can be alone if I want to be but that I never have to be. Y'all. He's the best.
  • I have family who is super quick to come to my defense and declare that anyone who hurts my feelings is a big stupid jerk and deserving of the nonviolent but irritating curses that are being heaped upon his or her person. 
  • I have the best, kindest friends. THE BEST ONES. I know you probably think your friends are the best but until you get an email where someone actually says, "I'm going to need you to give me X's phone number so I can set her straight about how wrong she is" -- AND MEANS IT? I'm sorry. Mine are the awesomest. 
  • My coworkers are the sweetest and most supportive crew of whack-a-doos ever to fill up a bunch of cubicles. I love them. They make swimming in the poop worth it. 
  • I have a cat who is the funniest, fluffiest little bundle of weird and happy. 
  • I have a roof over my head and food to eat and a bed to sleep in.
In short? My life and heart are full. 

Sometimes I forget. I try not to, but it happens.

However, today? I am counting, and sending out little prayers and thanks for everything I have, and for all of the love that I see and feel every day. It's amazing, you guys. 

Thank you.

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