Sunday, July 26, 2015


I find that my journey has brought me to a fork in the road. I can continue on my current career path, or I can decide to make a change.

Getting here was difficult and painful -- but then, change frequently is. The tricky bit is remembering while you're yet hurting that a seed doesn't become a flower without strain and effort; your struggles through something are struggles TO something else. While you're in the sweaty, stabby thick of it, though, recalling that you are in the process of becoming who and what you are meant to be is a challenge.

It's also a choice.

I stand here, at this fork, and have decisions to make. There is nothing wrong with staying the course. There's certainly no shame in it. It would be (mostly) stable, and after the last several years, there's something to be said for stability. Choosing to alter my path? Not as secure. Not as stable.

But. Stability does not equal happiness, as we all know.

The question I need to ask myself -- and the question I think we all need to ask when we find ourselves at a crossroads in our path -- is this: how much do I value my happiness? Do I value it enough to take a chance? Do I value myself enough to make a change that, though scary (and we shouldn't discount fear as a motivator or as an impediment), could ultimately make my life better?

I don't know for sure which path I will take, but I'm leaning hard towards the less certain one. I know what is on the path I'm on. It doesn't fill me with joy. I know that for sure, as I know that life is too short for your daily tasks and environment to be ones that don't make you happy.

I will keep you posted.

In the meantime -- just for giggles -- consider your path, and where you are. If you're at a crossroads, which road will you choose? I'm curious!

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