Friday, July 3, 2015


"He said I'm like Joy in that new animated movie."

"...he thinks you're happy!"

"No. He thinks I'm manic. And sarcastic."

"Which sometimes masquerades as happy!"


"I don't think we're friends anymore.,She got tired of the fact that I never did what she said."


"And? I got tired of being told what to do."

"No one puts Yellie in a corner!"



"Wizzerbizzer... If she were a superhero she'd be The Wizzer."


"It would confuse people. Like, 'Did you just say you're The Wizard?'"

Together, slowly: "Um, noooooo."


"Really the secret to a successful relationship is just to find someone who's weird lines up with yours. After that it's all good."


"That's a different can of worms."

"Okay. Um, why are we putting worms in cans again?"

"Because. Duh."

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