Friday, July 17, 2015



"I have... A huge crush... On Rachel Maddow."

"Who doesn't?"


"Starting my new job on Monday the 13th."

"That's ... Auspicious."

"If by 'suspicious' you mean 'fucked up' then, yeaaah. Auspicious."


(Dancing around the house with Lizzie, singing along to the radio)

"Well I walk these streets! A tiny tabby on my back! And she plays for keeps! Because I might not give her snacks! We've been everywhere! And she's freaking small! I've seen a million faces! And I've scritched them all!"

"She is concerned about this song you're singing."

"You should probably be as well... Sorry I'm not more normal."


"Looking at someone you once knew well and feeling like they are a stranger is one of the most painful things I can imagine."

"So stop doing it."

"That is strangely good advice."


"Whoa, that whole situation is fucked up."

"I know, but it's a familiar kind of fucked up."

"Are you saying you're okay with it?"

"No, but I am saying that we've hung out before and I get how it works. Things could be worse. It's like, we're not dating? But we've had dinner."

"Your analogies are so weird."

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